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Name particle-mf2017-can
Version 1.3.2
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License MIT
Author Julien Vanier
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Particle Machine Maker Faire 2017 CAN Communication

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Particle Maker Faire 2017 Machine Communication

Share state between all machine modules over CAN.


Create a Communication object. Read variables that contain state from other modules you care about, write state about your own module. Call receive() to update other module states and transmit(MachimeModules::<my_module>) to send your own state to other modules.

#include "mf2017-can.h"

Communication comms;

void setup() {
pinMode(D0, INPUT);

void loop() {
// Send your state
comms.ballsEntering[0] = digitalRead(D0);
// Read other state
if (comms.machineState == 0) {
// disable this station

// Update CAN bus


Copyright 2017 Particle

Licensed under the MIT license

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