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Adds support for the RadarIQ sensors. RadarIQ sensors are ideal for object tracking, and detecting movement. RadarIQ sensors use FMCW radar, are designed for ease of use, have a 110 degree field of view, and a 10m range. This library brings RadarIQ support to Arduino.

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Arduino Library

The RadarIQ sensor integration with Arduino is available via an Arduino library.

The RadarIQ-M1 sensor is an easy-to-use radar sensor for detecting objects and measuring distance and speed. All the difficult parts of working with radar are done by the sensor and a simple API and SDK provide an easy path to integration.


  1. Open The Arduino library manager Sketch >> Include Library >> Manage Libraries
  2. Search for "RadarIQ"
  3. Click "Install"

Example Application

An example application which demonstrates the capabilities of the RadarIQ SDK by implementing a simple proximity sensor.

To access this example:

  1. Open File >> Examples
  2. Scroll down to "RadarIQ" then choose "RadarIQ Demo"


Documentation is available at docs.radariq.io

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