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Name RdWebServer
Version 1.0.17
Installs 5015
License MIT
Author Rob Dobson
URL https://github.com/robdobsn/ParticleRdWebServer
Repository https://github.com/robdobsn/ParticleRdWebServer.git
Download .tar.gz
All Versions 1.0.17, 1.0.14, 1.0.5

Simple web server supporting REST API and static files

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Library for a simple web server which supports a REST API and static pages/images


#include "RdWebServer.h"
#include "GenResources.h"


// Web server
RdWebServer* pWebServer = NULL;

void setup()
// Construct server
pWebServer = new RdWebServer();

// Configure web server
if (pWebServer)
// Add resources to web server
pWebServer->addStaticResources(genResources, genResourcesCount);

// Start the web server

void loop()
// Service the web server
if (pWebServer)

See the examples folder for more details.


To add a REST API:

  1. Include the RestAPIEndpoints helper
// API Endpoints
#include "RestAPIEndpoints.h"
RestAPIEndpoints restAPIEndpoints;
  1. Create a method to handle the callback that you will receive from RdWebServer when the API endpoint is hit
void restAPI_QueryStatus(RestAPIEndpointMsg& apiMsg, String& retStr)
retStr = "{\"rslt\":\"ok\"}";
  1. Register the endpoint with RestAPIEndpoint helper - do this anywhere in setup()
restAPIEndpoints.addEndpoint("Q", RestAPIEndpointDef::ENDPOINT_CALLBACK, restAPI_QueryStatus, "");
  1. Add the endpoint definitions to the server

Do this after the pWebServer has been initialized to point to the instance of an RdWebServer

// Add resources to web server
pWebServer->addStaticResources(genResources, genResourcesCount);


Copyright 2017 Rob Dobson

Licensed under the MIT license

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