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Name ReclaimerLabs_Thermocouple
Version 0.9.7
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Author Jason Cerundolo
Maintainer Jason Cerundolo
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Calculate thermocouple hot junction temperatures with cold junction compensation.

Library Read Me

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This library provides a function that takes in a differential thermocouple voltage, thermocouple type, and cold junction temperature to calculate a hot junction temperature. It uses a lookup table generated from the NIST standards. The calculation method is done as described in section 3 of App Note SBAA189 from TI.

Check out the other github repos for more information on a library to talk to the ADS1118 ADC and a board that connects it to a Particle Photon.

Example Usage

The function is implemented a static method, so you do not need to create a ReclaimerLabs_Thermocouple object. You can simply call ReclaimerLabs_Thermocouple::calc_temp().

For example, TYPE_K is the thermocouple type. diff_volt_mV is the differential voltage in millivolts. cold_junc_C is a float holding the cold junction temperature in degrees Celsius. If return_val is 0, then hot_junc_C will hold the hot junction temperature in degrees Celsius.

float hot_junc_C;
int32_t return_val;
return_val = ReclaimerLabs_Thermocouple::calc_temp(TYPE_K, diff_volt_mV, cold_junc_C, &hot_junc_C);

Questions and Comments

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