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Name RunningMedian2
Version 0.2.16
Installs 8901
Author Rob dot Tillaart at gmail dot com
Maintainer Rob Tillaart
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All Versions 0.2.16, 0.2.15, 0.2.14, 0.2.13, 0.2.12, 0.2.11, 0.2.1, 0.1.15

The library stores the last N individual values in a buffer to select the median. This will filter outliers in a chain of samples very well.

Library Read Me

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Arduino library to determine the running median by means of a circular buffer.


Running Median looks like a running average with a small but important twist. Running average averages the last N samples while the running median takes the last N samples, sort them and take the middle one, or the average of the middle two.

Important differences between running average and running median:

  • Running median will return real data (e.g. a real sample from a sensor) if one uses an odd size of the buffer (preferred). Running average may return a value that is never sampled.
  • Running median will give zero weight to outliers, and 100% to the middle sample, whereas running average gives the same weight to all samples.
  • Running median will give often constant values for some time.
  • As one knows the values in the buffer one can predict to some extend how much the next samples will change the running median.
  • Running median is a bit harder as one needs to keep the values in order to remove the oldest and keep them sorted to be able to select the median.

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