rht03-humidity-temperature-sensor (community library)


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Name rht03-humidity-temperature-sensor
Version 1.0.0
Installs 5463
License BSD
Author Marc Liyanage reg.github@entropy.ch
URL https://github.com/liyanage/maxdetect-rht03-humidity-sensor
Repository https://github.com/liyanage/maxdetect-rht03-humidity-sensor.git
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Reads out a Maxdetect RHT03 (also known as DHT22 and AM2302) humidity/temperature sensor.

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Library Read Me

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Code to read out the humidity and temperature values from a Maxdetect RHT03 humidity/temperature sensor. That sensor is apparently also known as DHT22 and AM2302.

See https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10167 and http://www.humiditycn.com/fl1_1.html

Maintained at https://github.com/liyanage/maxdetect-rht03-humidity-sensor

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