Serial_LCD_SparkFun (verified community library)


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Name Serial_LCD_SparkFun
Version 0.0.1
Installs 14846
Verification verified
License LGPL
Author Richard Whitney
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A port of the serLCD library for the 16x2 LCD. Connect the LCD's RX to the Particle's TX, and print to Serial1

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Library Read Me

This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved. This is a port of the wonderful library found here: The documentation there will explain all the functions available, and I expect them all to work EXCEPT when it says lcd.print() If you're copying example code, you'll need to change those to Serial1.print()... and that's it!

The wiring is simple- Provide appropriate power and ground (there are 5v and 3.3v varieties of the LCD) and connect the LCD's RX pin to the Core or Photon's TX pin!_


  1. Basic use - A very short example showing LCD clearing and printing
  2. Internet display - Using Spark.function() to send messages to the LCD

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