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Class to read servo signals from a typical RC system.

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Class to read servo signals from a typical RC system.


This class is very similar to the Arduino Servo library for reading servo signals. It uses interrupts on all pins attached to a signal, so make sure all pins you use are using support interrupts and are independent from each other.

See the example in examples/usage/usage.ino for an example of how to use this library with 6 channels simultaneously.

Wiring with a Particle Photon


Most RC servo system operate on 5V, so if you are powering the receiver directly from your Photon, connect it to the VIN pin while on USB power. Or connect 5V from some other regulator in your system to the VIN pin and DO NOT connect the USB port.

Receiver Outputs

All that is needed to get the signal from the receiver is to plug the receive pins from the channels you want directly into any 5 volt tolerant pin on the Photon. See the documentation for which ones are 5V tolerant. Also, see the documentation on which pins support interrupts. D1-D7 are good choices as they meet both of these requirements. See the photo for the wiring that works with the code example given here.

Wiring Picture 1:

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Wiring Picture 2:

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