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Version 0.1.0
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Author André Hanak
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The library allows to transmit a DMX signal using the on board serial. It allows to control dmx devices with a particle device as master. A RS485 transceiver must be connected to the hardware serial TX pin. The library uses only the particle firmware API and does not directly interact with the hardware.

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Library Read Me

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A Particle library for sending DMX signals using high-level functions from the particle firmware API.

This work is likely not a good solution for professional DMX applications. It works for me with a small setup for ambient lightning. I'm not a DMX expert. The implementation is very trivial and NOT optimized e.g. for performance. Feel free to contribute.



Connect a RS-485 transceiver IC like (75176BP) to the TX pin of your particle device.

A minimal example for quick tests with the photon:

breadboard example (image removed)

You should decouple the dmx system for more robust applications. Schematics can be found at


Using the library is as simple as:

#include "SimpleDmx.h"
SimpleDmx simpleDmx;

void setup() {
// ...

void loop() {}

See the examples folder for more details.


Here's how you can make changes to this library and eventually contribute those changes back.

To get started, clone the library from GitHub to your local machine.

Change the name of the library in to something different. You can add your name at then end.

Modify the sources in and with the new behavior.

To compile an example, use particle compile examples/usage command in Particle CLI or use our Desktop IDE.

After your changes are done you can upload them with particle library upload or Upload command in the IDE. This will create a private (only visible by you) library that you can use in other projects. Do particle library add SimpleDmx_myname to add the library to a project on your machine or add the SimpleDmx_myname library to a project on the Web IDE or Desktop IDE.

At this point, you can create a GitHub pull request with your changes to the original library.

If you wish to make your library public, use particle library publish or Publish command.


Copyright 2017 André Hanak

Licensed under the MIT license

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