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Name SparkCorePolledTimer
Version 1.0.0
Installs 30775
License Open
Author David Fowler
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Simple Timer Library for the Spark Core which enables time based events.

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Simple Timer Library for the Spark Core. Lets you do time based events. This library is open I only ask that you let me know of any improvements and that you drop me an emial about your project. I may link back to it from my blog... David Fowler AKA uCHobby - -

Eample Usage

PolledTimer updateTimer(1000); //Create a timer object and set it's timeout in milliseconds void OnTimer(void); //Prototype for timer callback method

setup(){ //Standard setup function... updateTimer.SetCallback(OnTimer); //Tell the time about the handler function. }

loop(){ //Standard loop function... updateTimer.Update(); //Must call this often in your loop. It will call the //handler method automatically when it's time too }

void OnTimer(void) { //Handler for the timer, will be called automatically //do your time based stuff here... }

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