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Library that enables all functionality for the SparkFun Clock Generator 5P49V60. The SparkFun Clock Generator 5P49V60 breakout board offers a wide range of customizable frequencies in a wide range of different signal types using a single reference clock. Four (single output) clock outputs can generate frequencies from 1MHz-200MHz and eight (differential output) clock outputs can generate frequencies from 1MHz-350MHz. The frequency's many properties can be manipulated in code via I2C using the SparkFun Arduino Library. The SparkFun Clock Generator also has four banks of programmable memory for the time when it's ready to sit on its' own within the project without a microcontroller.

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SparkFun Clock Generator 5P49V60 Arduino Library

SparkFun Clock Generator 5P49V60

SparkFun Clock Generator 5P49V60 (BOB-15734)

This is the Arduino Library for the SparkFun Clock Generator 5P49V60. This product can produce single or differential output clock signals in ranges from 1MHz-200MHz and 1MHz-350MHz respectively. It has a wide range of customization settings for the clock signals ranging from, rise times, output modes, skew and slew rates; all of which are made available with this Arduino Library.

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