SparkFun_ISL29125 (community library)


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Name SparkFun_ISL29125
Version 1.0.2
Installs 2924
License CC-SA
Author SparkFun Electronics
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Arduino library showing basic functionality for the ISL29125 RGB Light Sensor Breakout Board. Ported to Particle by Ben Artin

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SparkFun ISL2912 Sensor Libraries

Libraries for use in different environments.

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This product is open source! The code is beerware; if you see me (or any other SparkFun employee) at the local, and you've found our code helpful, please buy us a round! Please use, reuse, and modify these files as you see fit. Please maintain attribution to SparkFun Electronics and release anything derivative under the same license.

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

  • Your friends at SparkFun.

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To get the most up-to-date version of the library, you must run the following git subtree commands.

$git subtree pull -P Libraries/Arduino --squash master

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