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Name SparkFun_LPS25HB_Arduino_Library
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Library for the SparkFun Qwiic Pressure Sensor - LPS25HB. Library for the LPS25HB pressure sensor, part of the Qwiic system. Several basic functionlity examples included.

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SparkFun LPS25HB Absolute Barometric Pressure Sensor Arduino Library

SparkFun Qwiic Pressure Sensor w/ LPS25HB (image removed)

SparkFun Qwiic Pressure Sensor w/ LPS25HB (SPX-14767)

An Arduino library that provides basic functions for getting pressure and temperature readings. Allows the user to support up to two sensors on a given I2C bus, and allows use of multiple I2C busses. Additional access to settings is available for advanced use.

Repository Contents

  • /examples - Example sketches for the library (.ino). Run these from the Arduino IDE.
  • /src - Source files for the library (.cpp, .h).
  • keywords.txt - Keywords from this library that will be highlighted in the Arduino IDE.
  • - General library properties for the Arduino package manager.


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