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Library for the SparkFun Qwiic Joystick An Arduino Library for the Qwist Joystick. Qwiic Joystick makes reading an analog joystick over I2C easy and fast. The current joystick position and button state can be read from separate registers. There is also an additional register to check if the button had been pressed since the last read of the button register. Available at:

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SparkFun Qwiic Joystick Arduino Library

SparkFun Qwiic Joystick (image removed)

SparkFun Qwiic Joystick (DEV-15168)

Sometimes you need a joystick in your project. The Qwiic Joystick is a great solution with an analog joystick and momentary button. The Qwiic Joystick was designed to get rid of the large mass of wires that are needed to implement a joystick on a breadboard. The ATtiny85 on the Qwiic Joystick takes care reading the joystick position and if the button is pressed, while making that data readable over an easy-to-use I2C interface.

The joystick has a built in button so the user can select an GUI menu or element by pressing on the joystick. The current position of the joystick and state of the button are readable through the I2C registers. In the firmware, there is also a seperate register to check for button presses inbetween reads of the button state, which is cleared after each read (also with the read of the button state).

The I2C address of Qwiic Joystick is software configurable which means you can hookup over 100 on a single I2C bus!

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