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Name sd-card-library
Version 0.0.1
Installs 3668
License GPL v3
Author Daniel Sullivan
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SD Card Library (forked from

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Web IDE library V0.0.1 Forked from by Daniel Sullivan (mumblepins)

An Implementation of the Arduino/Sparkfun SD Card Library for the Spark Core

This might be tricky to build online due to the number of files required. I have not tried to set it up online. Using the Spark-CLI tool might be a better way to build it online.

example (image removed)

example (image removed)

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If you are building locally, place the files here:

// put the entire 'libraries' folder and everything in it here


// rename one of the example apps located at ..\libraries\sd\examples\
// to application.cpp and place it here


Thanks to @choosatron for your work on this!

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