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Name TCA9534
Version 0.2.1
Installs 1544
License MIT
Author David Dressner
Maintainer David Dressner
Repository spark/uber-library-example
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All Versions 0.2.1, 0.1.0

TCA for argon TCA9534 redux for particle

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Library Read Me

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This repo serves as the specification for what constitutes a valid Spark firmware library and an actual example library you can use as a reference when writing your own libraries.

Particle Libraries can be used in the Particle IDE. Soon you'll also be able to use them with the Particle CLI and when compiling firmware locally with Particle firmware.

Table of Contents

This README describes how to create libraries as well as the Particle Library Spec.

The other files constitute the Particle Library itself:

  • file, class, and function naming conventions
  • example apps that illustrate library in action
  • recommended approaches for test-driven embedded development
  • metadata to set authors, license, official names

Getting Started

1. Install Particle CLI
$ npm install -g particle-cli
2. Init new library
$ particle library init this-is-my-library-name
  • Replace this-is-my-library-name with the actual lib name. Your library's name should be lower-case, dash-separated.
3. Edit the, firmware .h and .cpp files
  • Use this repo as your guide to good library conventions.
4. Create a GitHub repo and push to it
5. Validate and publish
$ particle library validate


$ particle library publish

Getting Support


This repo is meant to serve as a place to consolidate insights from conversations had about libraries on the Particle community site, GitHub, or elsewhere on the web. "Proposals" to change the spec are pull requests that both define the conventions in the README AND illustrate them in underlying code. If something doesn't seem right, start a community thread or issue pull requests to stir up the conversation about how it ought to be!

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