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Name twilio
Version 0.0.1
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License MIT
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A simple library for sending text messages over Twilio

Library Read Me

This content is provided by the library maintainer and has not been validated or approved. 1.) Install the Spark-CLI and login!

(more details here -

npm install -g spark-cli spark login

2.) Create a Twilio account / grab your login info!

[image unavailable]

3.) Customize your twilio.json webhook with your phone numbers, and Twilio account info from above, and create your hook!

spark webhook create twilio.json

4.) Compile your firmware and flash it to your core!

spark compile . --saveTo twilio.bin spark flash coreName twilio.bin

5.) You'll get a text message when your core starts up! Send more by calling the function on your device!

spark call coreName twilio "Hello Texting World"

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