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Name WebDuino
Version 1.9.1
Installs 6441
License MIT
Author Ben Combee, Ran Talbott, Christopher Lee, Martin Lormes, Francisco M Cuenca-Acuna, Derek Fukumori
Maintainer Kasper Kamperman kasperkamperman@gmail.com
URL https://github.com/kasperkamperman/webduino
Repository https://github.com/kasperkamperman/Webduino.git
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Arduino WebDuino http-server/webserver ported to Particle. See documentation on Github.

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Library Read Me

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WebServer - Webduino (Particle)

This is a port to work with the Particle TCPServer and TCPClient implementations. It is a lot faster then the last port/implementation, because that introduced the fixmedelay() macro of 20ms. A test request took 300ms with it and 30ms without... I assumed that the bug is solved (at least on the Photon it runs perfect).

I actually hope this library gets obsolete soon, since there is already an HTTPServer implementation for Wiced (the Particle Soft AP HTTP Server makes use of this). I hope that they open it up in the Particle API with AP support. Otherwise the Adafruit HTTPServer implementation for their WICED Feather WiFi might be an interesting start (unfortunately I don't have the C skills to start with that).

Kasper Kamperman


This is an Arduino-based Web Server library, originally developed for a class at NYC Resistor. It's called Webduino, and it's an extensible web server library for the Arduino using the Wiznet-based Ethernet shields. It's released under the MIT license allowing all sorts of reuse.


  • URL parameter parsing
  • Handle the following HTTP Methods: GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH
  • Web Forms
  • Images
  • JSON/RESTful interface
  • HTTP Basic Authentication

Installation Notes

With Arduino 1.0, add the Webduino folder to the "libraries" folder of your sketchbook directory.

You can put the examples in your own sketchbook directory, or in hardware/libraries/webduino/examples, as you prefer.

If you get an error message when building the examples similar to "WebServer.h not found", it's a problem with where you put the Webduino folder. The server won't work if the header is directly in the libraries folder.


Compatible Ethernet Shields

These have all been tested with the library successfully:

Shields using the Microchip ENC28J60 chip won't work with the library as that requires more software support for implementating the TCP/IP stack.

Version history

1.9.1 port to Particle in May 2017
1.9 released in May 2016
  • fixed bug with compatibility with original version of Ethernet library
1.8 released in Jan 2012
  • added httpNotFound() method to output 404 error message
  • added processConnection(uint8_t sock) and processConnection(uint8_t sock, char buff, int bufflen) methods
  • increased size of 'm_contentLength' to 'long int'
1.7 released in Jan 2012
  • fixed Google Code issue 4 where expect fails with high-ASCII characters due to sign issues
  • fixed Google Code issue 8 by adding WEBDUINO_NO_IMPLEMENTATION macro that allows including the class definition without the implementation code
  • fixed Google Code issue 9: allowing prog_char* strings for printP
  • added httpServerError() method to output 500 Internal Server Error message
  • added support for HTTP PUT, DELETE, and PATCH methods (see Google Code issue 11
  • fixed Google Code issue 12: off-by-one error in name/value parser (readPOSTparam) where the buffer wouldn't ever be completely filled
  • updated copyright string for 2012 and major authors
  • GitHub fork now the official version; all open issues on Google Code site fixed or closed and moved to GitHub
1.6 released in Jan 2012
  • added checkCredentials and httpUnauthorized methods as well as readHeader method for HTTP Basic Authentication; currently users will have to do the Base64 encoding outside of Webduino and I'm uncertain whether I ever want this inside the library or not...
  • fixed the request parser: previously the command dispatcher would always pass true for tail_complete, even if the tail was incomplete
  • fixed the command dispatcher: previously the default command could not have a tail, but the EPIC FAIL was returned
1.5 released in Dec 2011
  • added a default favicon.ico based on the led.png from the Image example to save resources on Firefox trying to load this file on every request if it can't be loaded
  • added keywords.txt for syntax highlighting in Arduino IDE
  • bumped the version number up in response headers and compiler variables
  • added version history to readme
  • fixed default value for prefix
  • fixed /index.html in Hello World example
releases between Jul 2011 and Dec 2011
  • project forked on GitHub by Chris Lee
  • JSON/RESTful interface
  • header Access-Control-Allow-Origin added
  • code split in .h and .cpp files
  • Arduino 1.0 changes by Dave Falkenburg and others
  • adding CRLF after extraHeaders
1.4.1 released in Nov 2009
  • fix examples to use readPOSTparam method
1.4 released in Sep 2009
  • bug fix for multple connections
1.3.1 released in Aug 2009
  • major bug fix for 1.3 for posts where Content-Length is last header sent
1.3 released in Aug 2009
  • mostly robustness fixes (beta)
1.2.1 released in Aug 2009
  • fixed HelloWorld example
1.2 released in Jul 2009
  • now with GET parameter handling
1.1 released in Apr 2009
1.0 released in Mar 2009

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