Gen 2 cellular deprecation

Due to the global silicon chip shortage causing the inability to obtain certain key components there will be some changes in the available product SKUs.

The STM32F2xx microcontroller (MCU) has become unavailable for purchase in the necessary quantities, thus certain SKUs will be deprecated.

These devices will remain available for now, but will be deprecated when the MCU is no longer available.

Family SKU
Electron ELC314
Electron ELC404X
E Series E314
E Series E404X

Gen 2 deprecated products

These SKUs are no longer available, however there is a pin-compatible replacement that is still available:

Family SKU Replacement
Electron E350, E260 (US, CA, MX) ELC404X
Electron E350, E260, E270 (elsewhere) ELC314
Electron ELC402, ELC404 ELC404X
E Series E402, E404 E404X
E Series E310, E313 E314