Product Lifecycle Policy Status

Learn more about stages of our hardware and software lifecycle policy here.

Hardware products

Longevity commitment

Particle provides an explicit minimum longevity commitment for a subset of its hardware products, mostly enterprise-class SKUs, as described below. In the case that a particular product is not covered by this longevity commitment, please contact the Particle sales team for support.

Upon changing the lifecycle status of a hardware SKU from GA or NRND to Deprecated, Particle will notify customers and provide the following commitment through the transition from Deprecated to End of Support:

  • One year between Deprecation and Last Buy date, defined as the last date that Particle will accept POs and forecasts for affected hardware.
  • Two years between Deprecation and Last Ship date, defined as the last date that Particle will fulfill orders placed prior to the Last Buy Date. Note that all orders for affected products forecasted for delivery after the Last Buy Date are non-cancellable and non-returnable (NCNR).
  • Three years between Deprecation and End of Support date, where ongoing support of affected products has ended and hardware support and warranties have expired.

Note that in case of significant volume decrease, unexpected changes to component availability from upstream suppliers, or technology/manufacturing changes, a switch to a comparable product could be decided by Particle who will notify customers using the standard Particle product/process change policy (PCN).

Deprecated, End of Sale, and End of Support products

SKU Description Gen Lifecycle Replacement End of support
ANT-FLXU-50 Taoglas Cellular Flex Antenna 2G/3G/LTE 5dBi, [x50]   NRND    
ANTELEC50 Taoglas Cellular PCB Antenna 2G/3G 2.4dBi [x50]   NRND    
B404MTY B-Series LTE-M (NorAm, EtherSIM), Tray [x50] 3 NRND B404XMTY  
B523MTY B-Series LTE CAT-1/3G/2G (Europe), Tray [x50] 3 NRND B524MTY  
BRN310TRAY50 Boron 2G/3G (Global), Tray [x50] 3 NRND    
BRN314TRAY50 Boron 2G/3G (Global), Tray [x50] 3 NRND    
BRN402TRAY50 Boron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm), Tray [x50] 3 NRND BRN404XTRAY50  
E270TRAY50 Electron 2G/3G (EMEA), Tray [x50] 2 NRND B524MTY  
E314TRAY50 E-Series 2G/3G (Global - E314), Tray [x50] 2 NRND    
E402TRAY50 E-Series LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm), Tray [x50] 2 NRND E404XTRAY50  
ELC314TY Electron 2G/3G (Global - U201) , Tray [x50] 2 NRND    
ELC402TY Electron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm), Tray [x50] 2 NRND BRN404XTRAY50  
P1REEL P1 Wi-Fi Module, Reel [x500] 2 NRND    
PHNTRAYH Photon with Headers, Tray [x50] 2 NRND    
T402MTY Tracker SoM LTE M1 (NorAm), Tray [x50] 3 NRND T404MTY  
ARGNTRAY50 Argon, Tray [x50] 3 Deprecated   2025-03-31
B402MTY B-Series LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm), Tray [x50] 3 Deprecated B404XMTY 2025-03-31
BRN404TRAY50 Boron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm, EtherSIM), Tray [x50] 3 Deprecated BRN404XTRAY50  
E260TRAY50 Electron 2G/3G (Americas/Aus), Tray [x50] 2 Deprecated BRN404XTRAY50  
E310TRAY50 E-Series 2G/3G (Global - E310), Tray [x50] 2 Deprecated    
E350TRAY50 Electron 2G (Global), Tray [x50] 2 Deprecated B524MTY  
E404TRAY50 E-Series LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm, EtherSIM), Tray [x50] 2 Deprecated E404XTRAY50  
ELC404TY Electron LTE CAT-M1 (NorAm, EtherSIM), Tray [x50] 2 Deprecated    
ONE402MTY Tracker One LTE M1 (NorAm), Bulk [x40] 3 Deprecated ONE404MTY  
P0MOD10 P0 Wi-Fi Module, Cut tape [x10] 2 Deprecated    
P0REEL P0 Wi-Fi Module, Reel [x2000] 2 Deprecated    
P1MOD10 P1 Wi-Fi Module, Cut tape [x10] 2 Deprecated    
PHNTRAYNOH Photon without Headers, Tray [x50] 2 Deprecated   2025-03-31
T523MTY Tracker SoM LTE CAT1/3G/2G (Europe), Tray [x50] 3 Deprecated T524MTY  
E313TRAY50 E-Series 2G/3G (Global - E313), Tray [x50] 2 End of life    
XENNTRAY50 Xenon [x50] 3 End of life   2020-12-31

Software products

Feature name Status EOL date
Particle Mesh Deprecated 12/31/20
Spark Core Device OS EOL Complete
Windows Mobile SDK EOL Complete