TAN011 - Tracker SoM default application firmware issue

A number of Tracker SoM T404 units were shipped starting in late October 2022 with incorrect default application firmware.

Affect models include:

  • T404MTY - Tracker SoM LTE M1 (NorAm), Tray [x50]
  • T404MEA - Tracker SoM LTE M1 (NorAm, EtherSIM), [x1]
  • T404MKIT - Tracker SoM LTE M1 (NorAm, EtherSIM) Evaluation Kit, [x1]

The symptom is that these devices will boot, connect to cellular, and go into safe mode (breathing magenta, red and blue at the same time), to wait for an OTA update instead of booting into normal operating mode.


Normal setup

Following the normal single-unit setup process at https://setup.particle.io/ will flash a new version of Tracker Edge firmware, which will resolve the issue.

Flashing your own user firmware binary

If, as part of your normal board bring-up you flash your own Tracker Edge firmware to your device by USB, SWD/JTAG, or OTA, this will also resolve the issue.

Device restore

Using the Device Restore USB or Web Device Doctor web-based tools to flash your device will resolve the issue.