Battery calculator

This tool provides a rough estimate of how long your device will run on a battery given various sleep parameters. This is only a rough estimate and you should always confirm the calculations with actual devices in your intended environment.

Sleep Mode:

The frequency of publishing will affect the amount of power used and also the number of data operations per month that your fleet uses.

If you are using no sleep or ULP cellular standby mode, you can publish up to once per second, however this will likely use a cost-prohibitive number of data operations.

In other sleep modes, reconnecting to cellular must not be done more than once every 10 minutes. Doing frequent reconnection can cause your SIM to be banned by your mobile carrier for aggressive reconnection.

You should avoid sleep settings that will reconnect more often than every 10 minutes. Doing so can cause your SIM to be banned by your mobile carrier for excessive reconnection. If you need to publish frequently, you should use no sleep or cellular standby mode.

Battery size:  

The time to connect and publish is dependent on the type of cellular modem (LTE Cat M1 is the fastest, and 2G is the slowest), and also the cellular signal strength and quality. It can range from as low as 5 seconds, to several minutes, which will dramatically affect your battery usage.

Time to connect and publish:   seconds

The time to stay awake after publish allows for other housekeeping tasks, and to allow time for a software update to be sent to the device, if needed.

Time to stay awake after publish:   seconds

We do not recommend using the battery until completely discharged. While LiPo batteries are not damaged by complete discharge, during the connection to cellular the device will use a lot of current, which can cause the MCU to brown out and reset. This should be avoided because abruptly resetting the cellular modem can damage it, particularly with the SARA R410M cellular modem.

Battery percentage to reserve:   %


This tool only generates a rough estimate and you should always validate the results on your hardware in you intended environment. This tool is currently in beta testing may have bugs that affect the results, as well.