Device Inspect

The Device Inspect tool examines the firmware on your device to validate the Device OS system dependencies, as well as other associated dependencies like the bootloader, soft device, and network coprocessor (if present). If your device has unmet dependencies it will go into safe mode (breathing magenta, red and blue at the same time) to download the missing dependencies OTA.

Your Particle device must be connected by USB to your computer and in listening mode (blinking dark blue). If it's in another mode, hold down MODE (SETUP on Photon) until the status LED blinks dark blue.

This tool only works on Chrome (version 89 or newer) on Windows 10, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook. If you are using a different browser, you can use the Particle CLI and the particle serial inspect command instead.

From the event log

Devices report their Device OS version information via the spark/status/safe-mode event. Copy and paste the raw JSON data (be sure to use the Raw button) and paste it in the box below to decode the data. This can be used to determine if the device went into safe mode because of a missing dependency.

Raw JSON data: