How can I cancel billing?

If you need to set your Particle project aside for awhile, there’s an easy way to pause your cellular billing indefinitely. Our cellular billing structure charges for active SIMs, not active devices, as SIMs are transferable among devices.

How to Suspend a Cellular Subscription

In order to suspend your billing, all you need to do is Deactivate your SIMs in the console SIMs page, click on the “…” on the right-hand side of the page, and select “Deactivate SIM”). If you have any Products connected with your account, please deactivate any SIMs connected with your Products as well!

You can also do so via the API directly.

You can reactivate these SIMs at any time! “Deactivating” a SIM merely pauses it indefinitely. “Releasing” a SIM, on the other hand, both Deactivates and removes a SIM from your account altogether, meaning that you will need to import it back into your account either via, via the Import SIM function in a Product, or via the API.

If you are experiencing an issue deactivating your SIMs, please read the “I am having trouble Activating / Deactivating my SIMs” article in our Support Guide.