How can I cancel billing?

Most developers are in the free plan, so there is no need to cancel billing.

If you wish to cancel billing and give your developer devices to someone else:

  • From the Particle console Devices tab, unclaim the device
  • If it is a cellular device, from the SIM tab, Release Ownership of the SIM
  • If the device is in a product, from Products, your product, then Devices, remove the device from your product

Basic plan

If you have fewer than 100 devices you may be able to convert your basic organization to the free plan.

If you exceed the limits of the free plan you will need to:

  • Unclaim the devices (if claimed)
  • Remove devices from products
  • Release ownership of the SIMs

You must create a support ticket to stop billing even if your basic plan has no devices, as the basic plan automatically renews with the same number of blocks unless a request is made to change or stop the plan.