How do I make a tax-exempt purchase?


Before you can make tax-exempt purchases through our store, you must meet the following requirements:

  • have a Particle Store account
  • be associated with an organization that is legally entitled to make tax-exempt purchases
  • be able to provide us with the necessary tax-exemption documentation

Requesting tax-exempt status

If you would like us to mark your Particle Store account as tax-exempt, you will need to submit a request with our support team.

When you navigate to our support portal, you will need to select the following options:

  • Order and billing questions
  • Managing billing and subscriptions
  • Select an Issue: I need my account to be marked as tax-exempt
  • Attachments - please attach your tax-exempt certificate or other documentation here

Once you have filled out the necessary information, please submit your ticket. Our team will be able to assist you with your request, and will follow-up once your account has been approved to make tax-exempt purchases.