Why Can't I Log Into My Wholesale Store Account?

Prerequisites for access

You will need two things to start placing orders on the wholesale store:

  • Particle Account - You need a valid Particle account to be able to log in to the wholesale store.
  • Approved Wholesale Account - There are three types of wholesale accounts Particle offers: B2B, Distributor, and Particle For Good. See Wholesale Account Creation to get set up. You will receive a Welcome email from us upon account approval.

Logging into the wholesale store

Go to the Wholesale store login page to get started.


Click "Sign In" and then fill in your credentials on the following page.


When you click "Log In" you should be redirected to the wholesale store.

If you are not immediately redirected to the store...

  • Check to see if you are logged into or are signed up for a Particle account
  • Make sure that your wholesale store username matches your Particle account username
  • Double-check that you are logging into the wholesale store and not our retail store