Using a specific Particle CLI version

The Particle CLI should be installed using the Particle CLI installer.

Prior to September, 2023, the particle update command installed the latest LTS version at the time the CLI version was released. Thus if you wanted to install an older version of Device OS you had to downgrade the CLI. This is no longer necessary as the --target option can be used to install a specific version instead.

Support for discontinued platforms like the Spark Core no longer exists in the current version of the CLI, so you may want to use an older version of the CLI to do things like flash the cc3000 update, however.

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Windows installer historical versions

The link above will download the latest version of the Windows installer for the Particle CLI. If for some reason you need to install and older version you can download previous versions here. We recommend that you always install the latest version, as there is no longer any association between CLI and version and Device OS versions.

Version Release Date Download

Mac OS or Linux installer historical version

To install a specific version of the CLI on Mac OS or Linux, specify the VERSION environment variable.

VERSION=3.23.4 && bash <( curl -sL )

The available version numbers are the same as the Windows installer historical versions, above.