About this workshop

This page is no longer maintained and is provided for historical reference only

The Particle mobile app for iOS will be deprecated in the future. The Android app has been deprecated. You should use web-based or CLI setup instead.

This workshop is sponsored and produced by Particle.

The workshop is a combination of a presentations and 4 hands-on sessions described in this guide.

This workshop will take you through the basics of connecting a Particle Photon device to the Internet, and have it do amazing stuff. All in just 2 hours.

Before you start

  1. Create a new Particle account
  2. Install the Particle Mobile App
  3. Install the Particle CLI
  4. Install the Particle Desktop IDE
  5. Create an Azure Account

Workshop content

  • Chapter 1: Claiming your Particle Device
    • Unbox a brand new Photon, claim it to your Particle account, and make it light up with Tinker.
  • Chapter 2: Reading from sensors and posting data to the cloud!
    • Read simple sensors included in the maker kit, and post data to the Particle Device cloud.
  • Chapter 3: Connecting the Particle Device Cloud to Azure
    • Wire your Photon up to the Azure IoT Hub
  • Chapter 4: Visualizing sensor data in the cloud
    • Vizualize sensor data in Azure
  • Chapter 5: Controlling your devices from the cloud
    • Process sensor data in the cloud and use that data to control an LED connected to your Photon