About this workshop

This page is no longer maintained and is provided for historical reference only

This workshop is sponsored and produced by Particle.

The workshop is a combination of a presentations and 4 hands-on sessions described in this guide.

This workshop will take you through the basics of connecting a Particle Photon device to the Internet, and have it do amazing stuff. All in just 2 hours.

Before you start

  1. Create a new Particle account
  2. Install the Particle iOS or Android App
  3. Install the Particle CLI
  4. Install the Particle Desktop IDE
  5. Create an Azure Account

Workshop content

  • Chapter 1: Claiming your Particle Device
    • Unbox a brand new Photon, claim it to your Particle account, and make it light up with Tinker.
  • Chapter 2: Reading from sensors and posting data to the cloud!
    • Read simple sensors included in the maker kit, and post data to the Particle Device cloud.
  • Chapter 3: Connecting the Particle Device Cloud to Azure
    • Wire your Photon up to the Azure IoT Hub
  • Chapter 4: Visualizing sensor data in the cloud
    • Vizualize sensor data in Azure
  • Chapter 5: Controlling your devices from the cloud
    • Process sensor data in the cloud and use that data to control an LED connected to your Photon