Tracker SoM first board

This tutorial shows how to make a simple base board for the Tracker SoM that has a number of features from the Tracker Carrier Board (used in the Tracker One), however can easily be modified to fit your needs.

The full tutorial can be found in the documentation.

You can download the files associated with this app note as a zip file.

Standard features:

  • SETUP and MODE buttons
  • RGB status LED
  • Charge LED
  • MCU USB connector
  • NFC antenna connector

Features from the Tracker Carrier Board/Tracker One (all are optional):

  • Thermistor
  • USER button
  • B8B-PH connector for connecting to an M8 connector
  • 10-pin SWD/JTAG debug connector

Other features:

  • CAN termination enable jumper
  • Ability to add a mezzanine card for expansion including all ports, GPIO, CAN, and power options
  • Optional GNSS/RTC backup battery (CR1220) with DIP switch to enable/disable
  • GNSS and cellular USB connectors (optional)
  • Fits in an off-the-shelf IP67 weather-resistant enclosure
  • Simple two-layer board is inexpensive to fabricate and can be developed in the free version of Eagle CAD


First board and basic design examples are intended to be easily hand-assembled on inexpensive 2-layer circuit boards using easily available parts. They are not intended to be reference examples of best practices for electronic design.

Board diagram


Item Description
1 SWD/JTAG 10-pin debug connector
2 NFC Antenna U.FL
3 USER button (A1)
4 RGB Status LED
5 RESET button
6 GNSS LED, blue (A2)
7 MODE button
8 Charge LED, orange
9 GNSS/RTC battery, CR1220
10 LiPo battery connector, JST-PH
11 VIN Power Input, 3.9 - 17 VDC
12 GNSS/RTC battery switch
13 Trace jumpers for A0, A1, A2
14 CAN Termination jumper (0.1")
15 B8B-PH connector to M8 connector
16 MCU USB (Micro B)
17 Expansion Connector Left
18 Expansion Connector Right
19 GNSS USB (Micro B)
21 Cellular USB (Micro B)
22 Thermistor
23 Tracker SoM

In enclosure:


With mezzanine expansion board installed:

With mezzanine

For information on production soldering and stencils, see AN036 LCC Module SMT for information about SMT processes for LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) devices such as the Tracker SoM.