Bluetooth LE (BLE)

BLE Services

There isn't a separate class for configuring BLE Services. A service is identified by its UUID, and this UUID passed in when creating the BleCharacteristic object(s) for the service. For example:

// The "Health Thermometer" service is 0x1809.
// See
BleUuid healthThermometerService(0x1809);

// We're using a well-known characteristics UUID. They're defined here:
// The temperature-measurement is 16-bit UUID 0x2A1C
BleCharacteristic temperatureMeasurementCharacteristic("temp", BleCharacteristicProperty::NOTIFY, BleUuid(0x2A1C), healthThermometerService);

The health thermometer only has a single characteristic, however if your service has multiple characteristics you can add them all this way.

You can also create custom services by using a long UUID. You define what characteristic data to include for a custom service. UUIDs are described below.

For more information about characteristics, see the BLE tutorial and BleCharacteristicProperty.