LED Signaling

Since 0.6.1:

This object allows applications to share control over the on-device RGB LED with the Device OS in a non-exclusive way, making it possible for the system to use the LED for various important indications, such as cloud connection errors, even if an application already uses the LED for its own signaling. For this to work, an application needs to assign a priority to every application-specific LED indication (using instances of the LEDStatus class), and the system will ensure that the LED only shows a highest priority indication at any moment of time.

The library also allows to set a custom theme for the system LED signaling. Refer to the Device Modes and LEDSignal Enum sections for information about default LED signaling patterns used by the system.

Note: Consider using this object instead of the RGB API for all application-specific LED signaling, unless a low-level control over the LED is required.