System calls


System.backupRamSync, backupRamSync

Since 5.3.1:

The P2 and Photon 2 have limited support for retained memory in Device OS 5.3.1 and later. Retained memory is preserved with the following limitations:

  • When entering HIBERNATE sleep mode.
  • Under programmatic reset, such as System.reset() and OTA firmware upgrades.
  • In limited cases when using pin reset (RESET button or externally triggered reset).

By default, the retained memory is saved every 10 seconds, so changes made to retained variables between the last save and an unplanned system reset will be lost. Calling System.backupRamSync on the P2 and Photon 2 can make sure the data is saved. The data is saved to a dedicated flash page in the RTL827x MCU however you should avoid saving the data extremely frequently as it is slower than RAM and will cause flash wear.

Prior to Device OS 5.3.1, retained memory is not supported. The flash file system can be used, or you can use an external chip such as an I2C or SPI FRAM.


On all other devices, retained memory is preserved as a special section of battery backed RAM and no special precautions are required.