Bulk device operations

Adding and removing devices at scale

Helpful techniques

Add devices from a file

When you order devices in tray quantities from the Particle wholesale store you will be emailed a file containing the device IDs in your order.

This file can be uploaded to the console to add the devices to your product, and we highly recommend using this method.

  • In the basic and enterprise plans, the newly added devices will not be billed until they are turned on the first time so there is no advantage in waiting.

  • For cellular devices, this will also associate the SIM card with your account and activate it.

For more information, see adding devices in the console documentation.

Take advantage of unclaimed product devices

You should take advantage of unclaimed product devices. Eliminating the claiming step simplifies device onboarding.

Should you need to claim devices, most products will claim devices to a single account. This can be scripted to make the step less manual.

For more information, see device claiming.

Program devices

Often you will want to program the devices with Device OS and your firmware during device onboarding. This allows the device to immediately be used by your customer and provides an opportunity for testing.

For more information, see manufacturing.