Getting started with Particle workshops

This page is no longer maintained and is provided for historical reference only

Particle workshops are hands on explorations of the Particle ecosystem, from hardware, to the Particle Device OS, Cloud, basics of writing firmware, and more!

When conducted in-person, workshops are led by Particle employees or community advocates, and are designed to give developers new to IoT development the hands-on training they need to confidently build their own IoT solutions, at home, work, and beyond!

Workshops are broken into group presentations intermixed with hands-on labs that reinforce presentation content. Some of the workshops published here include embedded versions of slide content that you are free to review in a self-directed manner.

Do I have to attend a workshop to complete the labs?

This site contains in-depth lab documents that complement in-person presentations delivered by Particle staff. Attendance of a workshop isn't required to follow along with these labs, but they are written with assumption that you're using a specific set of hardware (i.e. A Particle Grove Start Kit, Particle Maker Kit, etc.) to complete the exercises. If you have all of the hardware needed for a given workshop, you can follow-along with the labs anywhere!

Self-guided workshops

Interested in holding a Particle Workshop for your conference, company, or makerspace? Send us an email!