PM-BAT power module datasheet

This is a preliminary datasheet for review only. Changes are likely before release.


The Particle PM-BAT power module is a small module that contains:

  • 5V to 17VDC input
  • 3.3V regulated output for MCU (2A)
  • 3.9V output for cellular modem (2A)
  • bq24195 PMIC (power management and charge controller)
  • MAX17043 fuel gauge (LiPo battery charge sensor)

It can either be:

  • A castellated module intended to be reflow soldered to your M.2 SoM base board
  • A module with male pins on the bottom that can be plugged into a socket on your M.2 SoM base board

The PM-DC power module is also available if you do not need battery support and want to power from an external DC source.

Block diagram




Dimensions in mm

  • Module is 35mm x 22.86mm (1.38" x 0.9")
  • Pins and castellated holes are 2.54mm (0.1") apart


Pin Pin Name Description
1 3V3 Power output 3.3V
2 3V3_AUX Power output 3.3V, controllable
3 5V Power output 5V (not available on this module)
4 5V Power output 5V (not available on this module)
5 VCC Power output 3.9V 2A for cellular modem
6 VCC Power output 3.9V 2A for cellular modem
7 EN_AUX Enable 33_AUX (has 100K pull-down to default off)
8 REGN PMIC REGN output used for temperature sensor
9 GND Ground
10 GND Ground
11 VIN Power in 5V - 17V
12 VIN Power in 5V - 17V
13 CHG Charge indicator output
14 SCL I2C SCL. No internal pull on power module.
15 SDA I2C SDA. No internal pull on power module.
16 /FUEL_INT PMIC and FUEL_INT interrupt output open drain. Connect to M.2 SoM pin 45 (A6) for both B-SoM and M-SoM.
17 TS LiPo battery temperature sensor (NTC thermistor)
18 VBAT LiPo battery connection 3.7V
19 VBAT LiPo battery connection 3.7V
20 VBAT LiPo battery connection 3.7V
21 GND Ground
22 GND Ground
23 /RST MCU reset button, active low.
24 PG Power good output. Open drain, is pulled low on failure of either regulator.
25 ENABLE Power output enable. Has internal pull-up to VSYS, pull to GND to disable power outputs.

3V3_AUX is powered by 3V3 via a load switch (TPS22918). It can supply up to the full 2A of 3V3. It defaults to off due to a pull-down resistor on the pin. Pull to 3V3 to enable the 3V3_AUX output.

The I2C connection is required; the module will not operate correctly without configuration by I2C to adjust the input current limit and other settings.

The /FUEL_INT is an open-drain output that goes low if the PMIC or fuel gauge chip signals an interrupt condition. This should be connected to M.2 SoM pin 45 (A6) for both B-SoM and M-SoM. On the M-SoM, pin A6 pin cannot wake the M-SoM from hibernate sleep mode, but can wake from stop or ULP sleep modes.

Land pattern (SMD)

Land pattern

Dimensions in mm

Pin layout

Pin pattern

Dimensions in mm

  • Male header pins are 0.1" spacing, 12 or 13 pins per side
  • Two rows, spaced 0.8" (20.32mm) apart

The mating header is available from a large number of suppliers in both PTH and SMD styles.

Style Manufacturer Model Example
PTH (12) Sullins PPTC121LFBN-RC Digikey
PTH (13) Sullins PPTC131LFBN-RC Digikey
SMD (12) Sullins NPTC121KFXC-RC Digikey
SMD (13) Sullins NPTC131KFXC-RC Digikey


Module schematic

Battery temperature sensor

The power module PM-BAT can work with or without a battery temperature sensor.

Without a temperature sensor

Leave the power module TS pin unconnected. Charging will always be enabled in hardware, but you can still control charging in software if you wish to do so.

With a temperature sensor

Connect the power module TS pin to a voltage divider as shown here:

Parallel resistors

The values for your resistors can be used to control the charge temperature range using the calculator tool below.


When calculating based on resistance, this formula from the bq24195 datasheet is used:

Resistor formula

This graph shows the relationship between VLTF, VHTF, and VTCO. Note that since the thermistor is NTC (negative temperature coefficient), higher voltages indicate lower temperatures.

Figure 13

Ordering information

To be provided at a later date.

Version history

Revision Date Author Comments
pre 2024-02-27 RK Initial version
2024-02-28 RK Added plug-in version
2024-03-12 RK Updated to v2, dimensions changed
2024-04-08 RK Updated to v4, pin changes
2024-04-15 RK Corrected the /FUEL_INT pin description