Web IDE Exporter

This tool makes it easy to export projects from the Particle Web IDE for use in Particle Workbench.



  • Use the Get Web IDE Projects button to download the Web IDE source code from your Particle account.

  • Select the project(s) you want to download. You can select multiple projects, or even all of them.

  • Use the Export Projects button to build a zip file in your web browser and download it to your computer.

  • Extract the export.zip file in your Downloads directory. If you have done this more than once, it will likely have a unique number in the filename.


  • If you export multiple applications and open the top level of the export directory after extracting it, you will have a multi-root workspace, where you can see all of the projects you exported in the left-hand navigation tree.
  • This provides the best overview of the source and is good for searching.
  • It is not recommended for working with a project, because each time you want to compile or flash, you need to choose which project you want to work with.

Single root

  • If instead you open a single project (directory with a project.properties file), then you only see the source for that project.
  • Use the command palette (Ctrl-Shift-P or Command-Shift-P) to Particle: Configure Project for Device to configure the Device OS version, platform, and optionally the device to flash.
  • If you have libraries in your project and you want to build locally:
    • Open the command palette and select Particle: Launch CLI.
    • Use the particle library copy command to install libraries locally.
    • This is not necessary if you will be doing cloud builds.

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